It was a good 2022 for the listeners of Liquid Metal, the most blistering of the metal and rock channels on Sirius XM Radio. To toast the end of the year and jumpstart 2023, Liquid Metal has now shared its "Best of 2022" list of the top tracks played at Liquid Metal.

The ranking is laced with the heavy hitters of the year that unsurprisingly also landed on Loudwire's year-end albums list. We're talking Megadeth, Lamb of GodLorna Shore and more. Of course, there are also 2022 tracks from Machine Head and several others.

Now, just imagine yourself, sunglasses on, blowing down some two-lane desert highway in a sporty vintage coupe. The beast's musty speakers blast the best heavy metal of the year straight into your eager ears. You have never been more alive. What song is playing?

Anyway, all that said, keep scrolling down below to see the 12 tracks that Liquid Metal has picked for their "Best of 2022" songs list. (And right underneath that, see a list of the most anticipated upcoming rock and metal releases for 2023).

If you're a radio listener, what hard rock or heavy metal channels did you listen to in 2022? And did you hear these songs on Liquid Metal over the last year?

Sirius XM Liquid Metal's Best of 2022

The hard rock and heavy metal radio channel Liquid Metal on Sirius XM published their top played tracks for 2022. See the Top 12 below and see the rest here.

Most Anticipated Rock + Metal Albums of 2023

2023 is looking good for rock and metal albums already.

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