Though Roger Waters and David Gilmour may be at odds in the media recently, Waters recently took umbrage with an article that suggested that he was not a fan of David Gilmour's musical work on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, making a point to clarify what he viewed as an article written with "unearned condescending authority" by its author.

Waters calls out The New Statesman writer Stuart Maconie for writing what he calls "the usual, shit stirring, ill informed nonsense," but there is one part of the piece that Waters felt needed some clarification.

Within the article, Waters points out that discussion turns to the musician re-recording Dark Side of the Moon, adding, "Parts of this will involve him removing, as quote in Spain's El Pais newspaper, Gilmour's 'horrible guitar solos.'"

"Now, I don't know who he thinks he's quoting when he says Gilmour's 'horrible guitar solos,' but it sure as shit ain't me," explained Waters. "I was there. I love Dave's guitar solos on DSOTM, both of them, and on WYWH and on ANIMALS and on THE WALL and on THE FINAL CUT," the singer continues.

"In my, albeit biased view, Dave's solos on those albums, constitute a collection of some of the very best guitar solos in the history of rock and roll," adds Waters. "So, Stuart Maconie, you little prick, next time, please check your copy with the subjects of your grubby little piece, before you go to print," concludes the singer, with a "Love R." salutation. See the full post below.

The schism between Gilmour and Waters was recently back in the headlines, when Gilmour's wife Polly Samson tweeted out that Waters was "antisemitic to your rotten core," "misogynistic" and some other less that glowing adjectives. Gilmour then followed, stating that Samson's description was "every word demonstrably true." Waters responded with a statement that he refuted Samson's comments entirely and was "taking advice as to his position" on how to respond.

Just last month, Pink Floyd announced that they would be issuing a 50th anniversary box set to commemorate The Dark Side of the Moon, while also planning special planetarium experiences.

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