Crowd surfing isn't just for fans, at least not with these epic moment from rock and metal musicians taking part in the action at their own shows!

A lot of the moments in the Loud List video below really up the ante as rockers pull off crowd surfing in a way fans would never be able to — inside a giant inflatable hamster balls, standing inside a road case being hoisted up by fans and if you're Rammstein, jumping into some inflatable rafts making their way through a stadium of outstretched hands and arms.

And then there's the more dangerous stunts where crowd surfing is the second phase, a necessary action as a result of leaping off balconies and scaffolding.

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For fans, it has to be one of the most memorable concert experiences of their lives. How many people can say they held up their favorite musician while they were belting out the lyrics to a song, waiting to be returned to the stage after a trip to the bar?

Watch all of the totally epic moments in the video below. And remember the golden rule of crowd surfing — keep them up in the air!

Epic Crowd Surfing Moments by Rock + Metal Musicians

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