Comedian, musician and actor Reggie Watts is a man of many talents, telling Spin in a recent interview that he wants to make a metal album next, later slamming Tool as an overhyped band while also expressing why he's not at all a fan of Maynard James Keenan's voice.

Watts didn't make it a priority to single out Tool as a band he dislikes, but offered his opinion when the popular group's name was brought up during the interview.

The Type of Metal Album Reggie Watts Wants to Make

Musically, Watts' career has mostly centered around dance/electronic music, but that could change if he sticks to the aim of his next record.

When asked what type of music he wants to do next, Watts replied, "Hardcore. Metal. Industrial stuff," citing two particular rhythmically intense bands as primary influences, "Like Ministry with a splash of Meshuggah. Something hard and dark. I want it to sound sick as fuck."

Metal often serves as a release for a myriad of emotions and frustrations, which Spin recognized, wondering if that's what Watts is looking to get out of the endeavor.

"I wanna drive this fucking car and have the audience react—to believe it—to not care what I was doing a second ago: to not care that I’m a comedian. I want to blow up the perception of who I am and highlight what I love," he said.

Why Reggie Watts Doesn't Like Tool or Maynard James Keenan's Voice

Spin joked that Watts could take over for Keenan in Tool, which prompted his derision.

"As much hype as they get, I just don’t get it," he confessed, then recalled, "And they’re also not very nice. I saw ’em in Big Day Out Tour, and I was trying to get side-stage, and they were giving us all this grief. It was like, you could see everybody—all the artists could see other artists from the side of the stage—but they were like, 'No, only selected people.' And I’m just like, 'For this, are you fucking kidding me?'"

Watts' experience with other acts was not the same. He said Rammstein were "sweethearts" and he was able to sit on the stage and watch them and that LCD Soundsystem and Sia were among those who were "super cool."

"But they were the ones who just, 'No, we’re Tool.' And I’m sorry guys, but you aren’t that good that you can have that kind of attitude. Ultimately no one is—although I could imagine it for Prince, like 'Whatever you need, Prince.' Totally fine. But Tool? I’m like, 'You’re just math rock," Watts argues.

Regarding Keenan's voice in particular, Watts dismissed, "There’s no presence to it. No presence. Not like Chris Cornell. He’s a fucking rock singer. Or Perry Farrell: his voice. Jesus Christ—that voice is insane."

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Other Notable Figures Who Are Not Into Tool

Earlier this year, comedian Marc Maron relayed that he is not a fan of Tool, blaming it on the fact that he started listening to the band in his 40s and that it would've made a bigger impact if he had heard them at a younger age.

Over the summer, Slipknot's Corey Taylor named Alice in Chains as the greatest live band, which gave way to talk about Tool.

Taylor admitted Tool are "an acquired taste because they're so dialed in that it's almost like listening to the album. And as a punk kid growing up, that's not necessarily where I'm at. They're amazing at what they do, but when I go to a show, I want to see something as well. And because they're not as demonstrably active, I get bored."

He clarifies it's just a matter of personal preference and that just because he is bored by the show, it doesn't mean Tool are a boring live act. "I'm so used to shit like Napalm Death where Barney [Greenway] is walking on walls and jumping on people's heads," Taylor said comparatively.

Taylor also praised the high level of musicianship within the band and suggested his opinion on Tool live could be swayed in the future. "Maybe I should go and see them. Now [that I'm] older I would probably appreciate it more than I did when I was younger," he noted.

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