Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland is keeping it fresh, debuting yet another new look during the band's recent performances in Tokyo.

Borland, who often appears masked onstage, has been changing things up a bit this year. Earlier in 2023, during a show in Munich, he and Fred Durst showed off new looks with Durst ditching his "Dad Vibes" look in favor of a hillbilly-ish bib overalls and a backwards hat. Meanwhile, Borland had a cross of a dark black suit with a dark but shiny metallic body armor for one shoulder and a facial helmet.

But now Borland has a slightly more colorful and somewhat confusing look as he took the stage in Tokyo this week. This time out, he was sporting a Western-styled flowery white suit jacket, but it's his new mask that had fans scanning every detail trying to take it all in.

It appears to be a multi-part mask, with noodle-like shag emanating from the pull over helmet that's got numerous designs going on. Painted on blue eyes surround a cut out nose divot with eye holes cut out as well so the guitarist can navigate his way across the stage.

While his suit jacket has a white, flowery theme, it looks as though Borland tried to match with some well placed flowers painted upon the top part of his mask. With the mask being white, he's also got what appears to be baseball seamed stitches. and there's also yellow criss-crossing claw marks right above his eyeholes on the forehead.

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Borland shared photos of himself both onstage and backstage donning his new look and you can get a closer look at how he's presenting himself while rocking Bizkit's classic cuts below.

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