Lorna Shore frontman Will Ramos has named four metal acts that he'd like to collaborate with, and one of them fans already have some sort of idea as to what that would sound like.

The singer name dropped his desired collaboration partners while answering fan questions through Metal Hammer. When asked what bands he'd like to collab with in the future, the singer responded, “I’d love to collaborate with Sleep Token. They’re my favorite freaking band right now. They are so incredibly good; Vessel and I have very similar singing ranges, too. Also, I Declare War, because they’re just so incredibly heavy… In Flames… and I love Oceano – their vocalist Adam Warren is so good.”

The Sleep Token shout out didn't escape the eyes of Metal Hammer who asked what a Lorna Shore / Sleep Token collaboration would sound like. Ramos responded, “It’d be insane. I don’t know if our fans would love it, but I would. Let’s go!”

Fans might have already been tipped a bit to that pairing earlier this year when Ramos covered one of the viral band's biggest hits, "Chokehold," showing exactly how similar his singing range is to that of Sleep Token frontman Vessel.

While Ramos' gutturals typically fill out some of Lorna Shore's biggest songs, "Chokehold" provided the singer a chance to expand his horizons, and he passed with flying colors. He's able to capture the emotional melodic heft that Vessel embodies within "Chokehold," and you already knew that he could belt with the best of them when things go gutturally heavy. Revisit that performance below.

Will Ramos, "Chokehold" (Sleep Token Cover)

Despite having their own surging popularity in recent years, Ramos remains humble about their ascent. When one fan asked if he felt Lorna Shore were bringing deathcore back, the singer noted, “I don’t know if we’re ‘bringing it back’. We’re doing really good for ourselves, and I love that people are hopping onto the train. That’s incredible. I love that it’s inspiring other people to even do more metal music. I just do what I do and I can’t think about what I’m doing. I still can’t look at myself in the mirror and be like, ‘That’s one of the big guys.’”

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When asked who he viewed as "the big guys," Ramos singled out, “The ones that inspired me were [late Suicide Silence vocalist] Mitch Lucker, Phil Bozeman [Whitechapel] and Trevor Strnad [late Black Dahlia Murder vocalist].” Elsewhere in the Q&A session, he singled out Linkin Park, Whitechapel and Lamb of God as the bands that got him into metal.

Lorna Shore continue to build their following while on tour in Europe this summer. Be sure to get your tickets here.

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