Take a look at the least played song live off every Anthrax album.

Formed in 1981 by guitarist Scott Ian, Anthrax cut their first demo in 1982 and, after convincing the Zazulas to sign them to Megaforce Records, the band released their debut album Fistful of Metal in 1984.

While various members have come and go, there have been a couple constants alongside Ian in the lineup. Drummer Charlie Benante has been featured on all 11 full length records while bassist Frank Bello has been holding down the low end since 1984, first appearing on the thrash group's second effort, Spreading the Disease.

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Anthrax are the only Big 4 thrash band to have featured more than one vocalist on an album — they've had three on studio albums! This, however, has resigned many era hits to the backburner with Joey Belladonna rarely tackling material from the Neil Turbin and John Bush days.

There's even one album from the '80s era with Belladonna that features two tracks that were only ever played live one time.

How many of the songs below have you seen Anthrax play? Come find out!

The Least Played Song Live Off Every Anthrax Album

Ultra rarities!

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