About a month ago, Asking Alexandria released the heavy, anthemic track "Dark Void," marking their first new music in a year. On Friday, June 16, they followed that with two additional songs, "Psycho" and "Bad Blood," all pointing toward their next album, Where Do We Go From Here.

On top of that, they also announced the massive Psycho Thunder tour with Mongolian rockers The Hu. To celebrate all that's happening in Asking Alexandria's world, frontman Danny Worsnop joined Chuck Armstrong on the Friday edition of Loudwire Nights (June 16).

"That's the part of the job that is the most fun for us—creating and making and recording music," Worsnop told Chuck. "It's nice to not have to wait two, three years."

Between the three new tracks they've released in the last month, Asking Alexandria cover a lot of ground musically, and Worsnop said that's something fans can expect from the upcoming record.

"We're faced with the challenge of, well, we have had such an eclectic journey through our discography that we have a lot of different kind of subgroups of fans ... There are some that don't like certain parts and others that don't like certain parts. It's hard to please everyone at the same time, but we've really tried to do that in this record and kind of have something for everyone—which is an obstacle in and of itself."

When it comes to "Psycho," Worsnop concurred with Chuck that it's a catchy track but he didn't want to give too much away as not to influence fans' personal interpretation of it.

"That's a fun, little out-there trip of a song," he said. "It's a tough one to describe because I think it's just got so much life in it."

Asking Alexandria Will Always Keep Moving Forward

When Chuck brought up the Psycho Thunder tour, Worsnop got a big smile on his face as he started to talk about preparing to tour the United States with The Hu. Much of that excitement comes from the fact that Asking Alexandria and The Hu haven't interacted much over the years.

"We just played a festival with them, but we had to leave very early, so we didn't get to meet them," he said. "We have a few more this month while we're over in Europe. I'm sure we will get together in a room and make all the introductions, shake the babies and all of that."

Worsnop was clearly confident that the Power Thunder tour is going to be a can't-miss powerful run of dates—even though, as he admitted, he and his bandmates aren't as young as they once were.

"We're all much older and less crazy now. Our backs hurt, we're tired. We don't have the energy for partying like we used to, so it's a much more relaxed and professional environment. I think we're petty easy to get along with these days."

As Worsnop considered that, he and Chuck started talking about his early days in the band and what Asking Alexandria's goal was years ago.

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"Originally? It was to sell out clubs and then we had to move that goalpost and then we sell out theaters," he said. "We've had a career where we keep achieving our goals and we have to completely keep moving the goalpost to new places—which I hope we always do."

He told Chuck that he's grown as a songwriter and performer and he believes that the second he becomes satisfied with where he is, he'll get stagnant and stop progressing.

"That's kind of the end. You die that day. So we're just going to keep moving."

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