I've always been skeptical about getting a pharmacy flu shot in the past. But I put on my big girl pants and here's what happened...

I haven't had a flu shot in years. So, this year I was pretty over due for one.

But I always had anxiety about getting a flu shot at the pharmacy. I'd always gotten my flu shots from my doctor. I don't want a stranger poking me!

But I've already had my yearly checkup this year. And I didn't want to make an appointment and wait weeks and then pay a co-pay and then wait in the waiting room forever, just for two seconds of *poke* "You're good!"

So, I went to CVS yesterday to pick up a prescription and the pharmacist asked if I wanted a flu shot. And I took a big breath, adjusted my big girl pants, and said "You know what? Yeah."

So I filled out a few forms. Waited a couple of minutes. And *poke* I was done!

No co-pay. No cost with with my insurance. No major time taken out of my day. And now I feel better about going into this years cold and flu season!

Watch below for information on WHERE to get flu shots and HOW MUCH IT COSTS without insurance (it's not bad).

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