Score one more for the internet. Like it or not, Newspapers are old school. At least when I make embarrassing grammatical errors on this site, I can go back and change them. Its like it never happened. The same can't be said for newspapers.

Once more helping me realize I went the correct route with my journalism degree, is the ad found in the pages of the today's Miami Herald. Macy's seems to have a bunch of Miami crap to sell, and they're going fake a win to sell it.

It's that, or someone in the Miami Hearld sales department is desperately trying to justify bringing that asshat Lebron to town.

This probably won't go down in history, like that infamous Dewey Defeats Truman picture, but it helps all those bandwagon Dallas fans feel a little more justified in liking that team. Aside from liking it just cause LeBron isn't on the team.

And since the ad is in a newspaper, its right there in black and white. Not pixels and codes that can be changed in the click of a mouse. Ha ha, Newspapers!

For fun, lets watch Hitler cry over Miami's loss.

(And before you get your panties in a about the Hitler Reacts meme here)

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