Don't you dare Hollywood. Don't you even THINK about it. During a question and answer session on Twitter Monday, LeBron James says he would be open to making "Space Jam 2".

For those of you who spent the 90s in a underground bomb shelter, the original "Space Jam" starred basketball legend Michael Jordan. This was at the height of his career, before he left the game to pursue an ill-advised foray in baseball.

However, even hinting that LeBron James is anywhere near the level to play ball with Looney Toon characters is a weird line that I will have to draw. For those of us who were 90s kids, we remember how big basketball was during that decade. Everyone in school had either Chicago Bears or Charlotte Hornets gear.

It was during the height of that popularity that the folks at Warner Brothers thought about combining the world of basketball and animation. It was pretty legendary to hear that the best basketball player in the world was going to star in a movie with cartoon characters we grew up with. Lets face it, we had been disappointed before.

Jordan didn't have some stupid hour long special on ESPN to announce he was switching teams. Jordan stuck with the Bulls for most of his career, finally giving some recognition to a Chicago sports team. When Jordan finally retired even the Miami Heat retired the number 23, although he never played for that team.

I'm also pretty sure you have heard of Air Jordans. Have you ever heard of a pair of Air James? No, because that sounds like a knock-off you buy at the Dollar Store.

And if it was anything that 90's kids movies taught me, its that you stick with the underdog. "Space Jam" would've been a much different movie if Jordan quit the Looney Tunes team and joined the aliens for more cash. In fact the player who does that is usually the most hated character in the movie. So why would the poster boy for that, be chosen for "Space Jam 2"?

And sure LeBron James played for the USA in the London Olympics, but was he part of a Dream Team? Sorry LeBron, when you rack up the wins and play on the 'Dream Team' give Hollywood a call. Until then, get with ESPN for another stupid special when someone starts waving a check and you're ready to change teams. Again.

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