Why was this legal in the first place? I mean, OW!

As of July 1st, you can no longer get an eye ball tattoo in Indiana.

I'm not talking about a tattoo of a picture of an eye ball.

I'm not talking about a tattoo on your eye lid.

An ACTUAL tattoo on your ACTUAL eye ball.

Apparently, it's a thing you can do if you're into extreme body modification. Well, at least it WAS. NOW it's illegal in the state of Indiana. One, because WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? And Two, the tattooing caused too many negative side effects to be safe, including total irreversible vision loss.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if the procedure is performed by a licensed healthcare professional. Which means you'd most likely need a medical reason to do this...Which is not likely...

So if you want your eye balls to be different colors, please stick to colored contacts.

If you still want an eye lid tattoo though, I think that's still legal...

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