"You may have already won!" Gotten this call yet? Well you have been contacted by the 21st Century's latest wonder, the Robocall. Its so annoying that the Federal Trade Commission wants to give you cash to stop it.

The FTC Robocall Challenge is about to get underway to help stop an annoying problem that they have seemed powerless to stop. Currently the state of Indiana has a law that says a robocall can be played once a live operator gets permission. Have you given the option? Me neither.

One reason is that the calls originate overseas, out of the reach of US authorities. So the FTC has started a contest to find a new way to block these Robocalls.

Steve Bellovin, FTC Chief Technologist; Henning Schulzrinne, Federal Communications Commission Chief Technologist; and Kara Swisher of All Things Digital, will judge the contest. They will look at things like how effective it is, is it easy to use, and how easy will it be to roll out?

The winner will receive $50,000 and probably a good firm "bro-hug" from people across the country. The contest starts on October 25th, and will wrap up at the end of the year.