Update: 12/7/2019- It was brought to my attention that a radio show created the petition, and not just a fan on the internet. I see now in the petition where it says "Bailey and Southside."  Apologies as I didn't realize that was a radio show, and I thought the photo logo was a watermark.  I just saw where DDP shared a Change.org petition link. So anyways shoutout to Bailey and Southside! It was never my intention to not give credit where credit is due.

Original post:

There's a petition to get Motley Crue front man, Vince Neil to get into shape with DDP yoga, and Diamond Dallas Page himself took to Facebook to let Vince know, he is on board.

Motley Crue recently announced they'll be touring in 2020, which is big news considering in 2014 Motley Crue signed a contract saying they'd never tour again.  Fans have been on the fence since the announcement, some calling the contract a hoax and a cash grab, others are supportive and just glad to have the Crue back on the road.

However many fans have pointed out that some of Vince Neil's final shows were lackluster due to his performance (you may have seen the infamous "poopy butt round the house" misheard lyric video). Some fans have even been calling for Vince Neil to work on himself, and asking him to get into shape, and have gone as far as making that into a petition.

There's a Change.org petition out now that says:

Mötley Crüe just announced their new tour and we want Vince Neil to deliver the show of a lifetime! But he needs to get healthy and get in shape first. That's why we'd like to petition Vince Neil to get help with DDP Yoga from WWE legend, Diamond Dallas Page! He's on board, now we just need Vince to agree!

Sharing his support, DDP took to Facebook to share the petition and said:

Let’s get this signed and let’s see if we can get Vince, @thevinceneil hooked up with some DDPY with @RealDDP!

You can find the petition on Change.org by clicking here.

I know there's a ton of jokes on the internet about Vince Neil and his weight, but I'm on the fence about my personal feelings on this. On one hand, sure it's a comical way to catch Vince Neil's attention. On the other hand, I'd be pretty embarrassed and super bummed if the internet started a petition to get me to lose weight.

Some blame his bad performances on Vince's weight gain. I have seen Motley Crue 3 times. Once in 2011, once in 2012, and on their final tour I caught them in 2014.  Personally I always thought they put on a hell of a show, except the final time I saw them. The final time I saw them Vince kept messing up lyrics, his singing didn't keep up with the band, and sometimes he'd miss his cues to start singing and the band would have to find a weird way to come back around in the song to where Vince could start it.  But he didn't seem and different physically to me in 2011 or 2012 than he did at the show I saw in 2014, so I'm not sure if the problem is physical or if by the end of the final tour if he just didn't care anymore about putting on a good performance.

All of that being said, I truly am stoked to hear that the Crue is coming back and I really hope they nail it every time they perform.  I hope I get the chance to catch them on this tour as well!

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