A lot can change in 5 years. But sometimes, not a lot changes....


There's a new facebook trend going around telling people to post a picture of themselves in 2012 next to a picture of themselves in 2017. Sometimes there is a drastic difference. But sometimes people look exactly the same, and that's cool!


I decided to jump on the bandwagon and see how much I've changed.


And just to clarify, since these photos are of me with make-up and wigs on, here's the actual scene kid train wreck I looked like back in 2012.


Chynna Hall


Color streak in the hair? Check
Over sized headphones? Check
Magazine collage of my favorite bands on my wall? Double check
Bangs sweeping over one eye, that looked cool but also covered up my forehead acne? ALL THE CHECKS.


So, now that we have a 2012 base to go off of for these next photos...let's start.



Me in 2012:


Chynna Hall


This was my third year going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was the first year they moved it from Mesker to The Center (Now the Old National Events Plaza). I don't remember a lot about this night. Not because I was drunk or anything, (I was underage at the time) but just because I have a crap memory and this was 5 years ago. I do remember a LOT of fishnets...And freaking out our waitress at Denny's after the show when I took off my wig to let my ACTUAL hair down. She thought my wig was my real hair and even though I was with people that knew I was wearing a wig, they were all shocked at exactly HOW MUCH hair I had under that thing. (I've practically got Rapunzel hair.)


Now that I think about it, going to Rocky Horror every year was actually kind of my start in cosplay and theater. It gave me the opportunity to start experimenting in make-up and not being afraid to just "go for it and see what happens."



Cut to...2017:


Chynna Hall


On the surface, not much has changed. I mean, I traded my 2012 "super tiny and energetic" Columbia to a more subdued 2017 "I've seen some sh*t and yes, I am judging you" Magenta. But this year I'm no longer going to WATCH Rocky Horror, I'm actually IN a production of it with Studio 321. (More details coming soon within the next few weeks)


Also, my cosplay game has gotten WAY better and I'm really involved in local theater now. And, in 2012 I was doing Sunday mornings on GBF. Now? I'm your afternoon gal getting you through your ride home.


A lot can change in 5 years. Visually, when you compare the two photos...I just traded Columbia for Magenta. But behind the scenes? So much has happened! Sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't.


How much have YOU changed in the last 5 years?