I am all for progress and I fully understand that we need to repair our roads. That being said, do we need to repair all the roads at the same time? Indiana Department of Transportation has announced an upcoming road construction project that is going to make our morning and afternoon commutes much more difficult. The new construction on Highway 41 and subsequent closures will begin on Monday, July 15th and will continue into October. According to INDOT:

INDOT Contractors will begin a concrete repair operation On U.S. 41 between Virginia Street and Lynch Road. During the project, workers will patch areas of concrete that sustained damage over the winter months. Open lanes will be restricted to 12 feet, though with prior notice, contractors can accommodate wider loads. Restrictions will be intermittent in all lanes both north and southbound.

I'm especially torqued off about this one in particular because this is literally the only stretch of Highway 41 that I need to get to and from work and home every day. If you also travel this stretch of road, you may want to consider an alternate route for your commute or at the very least, allow extra time for delays.

If you're keeping score, we now have construction and lane restrictions on the Lloyd Expressway on both the east and the west sides of Evansville. Downtown is littered with construction and restricted lanes at what seems every other turn. South Weinbach has been torn up for quite some time and Haynie's corner is undergoing sewer repairs, restricting traffic. I'm certain there are even more that I'm not even aware of.  Again, I am all for progress but it seems to me that someone wasn't checking their calendar when they planned all of this!

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