Evansville is about to get a whole lot more fun!

While there are not a lot of details available for us yet, something is coming to Evansville's east side and it has the potential to be very exciting. It involves indoor  adventure "under the sea."

The new family-friendly adventure-plex is called Deep Blue Indoor Play and will allow you, your friends, and your family to "Party, play and climb under the sea."

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Located on Evansville's east side, Deep Blue Indoor Play has the potential to be just what the city needs as we head into 2022. Imagine a new place to climb and play where you can get out of the house with the kids - even if it is raining or cold outside.

Again, there are not a lot of details known at this time regarding the new play location at 6301 Old Boonville Highway.

Doing a quick Google search query took me to a Loopnet.com listing offering up details of the location, including that it is a two-story commercial building located just west of North Burkhardt Road with nearly 20,000 square feet.

Clearly, there is plenty of room to play, climb, and party. As far as the "under the sea" part of the business description, it does not appear as though the playground will include any type of aquarium but rather, based on some of the comments on the Facebook page for Deep Blue Indoor Play, will be more of an "under the sea" theme. In a comment, Deep Blue Indoor Play described themselves as,

Nothing water related other than the theme! Indoor play for every age

As for an opening date, those details are scarce as all that is offered at this time is that it is coming in 2022.

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