If you're looking for something new and fun to do with your family, there's an indoor adventure park that you might want to visit.

Urban Air Adventure Park is an indoor park with attractions that cater to any level and age. From the look of things, there’s something fun for everyone. Some of the attractions they have include indoor ziplining, a ropes course, climbing walls, virtual reality, a tubes playground, several trampoline attractions, and more attractions that I think kids and adults both would enjoy. Now, I don't have any kids myself, but this reminds me of a modernized Discovery Zone, and I know how much fun that place was when I was little. So I can only imagine to today's generation of kids this place must look like a blast.

It's open year round, so it is ideal especially in the winter months where it's cold outside and there's not a whole lot to do. There's enough to do here that you might even want to make a couple days out of it. This is just one of several places in the region that we have with indoor activities for families. Here in Evansville, we have Sky Zone, Walther's Golf and Fun, and there's even the Newburgh Family Entertainment Center. If you're looking to travel a little bit, there's Malibu Jack's in Louisville and the new Discovery Zone in Cincinnati, just to name a few options for you and your family.

However, if you want to visit Urban Air Adventure Park, they have several locations around the Evansville area. There are locations in Bloomington, Franklin, and Noblesville in Indiana. There's also locations in Nashville and Cool Springs in Tennessee as well as St. Louis and Cincinnati. Each location varies in attractions that they have to offer, but overall they have the same things. It just depends on where you want to visit and if there's a special attraction at one of these locations that you want to try out.

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You can find out more about Urban Air Adventure Park, their locations, prices, and attractions by visiting their website here. You can also take a sneak peak of some of their attractions by checking out the gallery below!

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