Sometimes this job really sucks – for example, when I am forced to stop reporting on the evils of our depraved society and write a few words about a tight-bodied Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.

Of course, I am being completely facetious, as I would write about hot blondes all day if someone would pay me enough to do it. Hell, I might even consider doing it for nothing if the fringe benefits of the gig were super-freaking-awesome enough to make me not give two flying squirts about necessities such as rent, electricity, heat and food.

However, even though no one is offering me life-altering money to sit around and entertain the masses with cyber smut, they are paying me to come up with something exquisite and profound to say about the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader of the week: Brittany.

So, after privately studying Brittany’s portfolio in the employee restroom for about seven minutes, I came to the conclusion that the only thing I can contribute to the following photos of this football bombshell is: Thanks for the memories!