The Hoosiers quickly ran up a 20-11 lead in the beginning of the game before missed shots, an injury to Jordan Hulls and 2 fouls on Cody Zeller began to take their toll.  At halftime the Owls led the Hoosiers 29-26.

In the second half, Jordan Hulls was able to return to help lead the Hoosier offense; however, Indiana looked out-of-sync for the first several minutes.  Despite the lack of continuity within I.U.'s play, they were able to remain close with Temple, which led through most of the second half.  At 1:19 left in the game, Indiana tied Temple at 52-52.  Victor Oladipo made a crucial 3 point shot with just a few seconds left in the game to ensure a 4 point lead, which was extended with two more free throw points from Christian Watford for a final score of 58-52.

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