I find it very interesting how cyclical trends can be. You know what I mean, right? A trend becomes popular and everyone jumps on board - that trend runs its course and then next thing you know, that same trend is suddenly unpopular. Give it a few decades because, for whatever reason, that trend will most likely become popular again. Some examples of recurring trends that I've seen come and go and come again are bell-bottom pants, high-waisted pants (mom jeans), tight clothes, baggy clothes, popped collars, and up top - the mullet.

Business Up Front, Party in the Back

I can't believe this hairstyle was ever popular back in the day, and I certainly don't understand why it's popular again. Like it or not, it seems to be here to stay - the fact that I'm writing this article is proof.

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One Mullet to Rule Them All

Any other Lord of the Rings nerds get my Tolkien reference? One of the most interesting events at the 2023 Indiana State Fair is the USA Mullet Championship. Actually, it is a qualifying event for the nationwide mullet competition. It's a two-part contest that starts with online registration and submitting pictures of your mullet. Judges will then choose finalists for the live portion of the contest taking place at the fair.

Mullet Competition Details

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