If you've ever had a piece of food slip down your throat before you had a chance to fully chew it causing you to choke a bit, you know how scary it is. Even if it's for a second or two, panic sets in almost instantly as you try to shake it loose so you can fully breathe again. Now, imagine it happening while you're driving down the road. That's exactly what happened to one driver in Noble County, Indiana recently. Fortunately for her, a sheriff's deputy was in the area and was able to perform a life-saving maneuver on the side of the road.

To my recollection, I've never been choking on something bad enough that someone had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on me. Usually, I'm lucky enough to dislodge whatever is in there with a few hard coughs or a few gulps of whatever I'm drinking with it, so I can't imagine what I'd do if I was not only choking but also trying to drive my truck.

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Noble County, Indiana Sheriff Performs Roadside Heimlich on Driver

Noble County Sheriff's Department via Facebook
Noble County Sheriff's Department via Facebook

We're all guilty of running through a drive-thru to get some food and eating it while we're heading to wherever it is we're going. While it's unclear if that's exactly what happened in this particular instance, I assume that's likely the case.

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The Noble County Sheriff's Department shared a post on its Facebook page recently featuring dashcam footage from the patrol car of Deputy Jerry Weber. According to the post, Deputy Weber overheard a call on "Live 911" between dispatch and a driver who was believed to be choking. The location of the incident wasn't far from where Deputy Weber was sitting when he heard the call, so he flipped on his lights and headed that way.

When he arrived on the scene, he found a car parked on the side of the road with the driver standing nearby with her hands near her throat making the universal "I'm choking" sign. Deputy Weber jumped out of his car, ran up to the woman, and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. After a few stiff pushes on the woman's midsection, the object falls from her mouth and she begins to breathe again. The entire incident was captured on Deputy Weber's dashcam which you can see below.

Kudos to Deputy Weber. If it weren't for his quick response, this woman's night might have ended very differently.

[Source: Noble County Sheriff's Department on Facebook]

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