A recent poll asked which uniformed workers are most attractive, and paramedics top the list in Indiana.

Now, let's start by pointing out that the study excluded the usual police, firefighters, and military personnel from the poll. So you won't see any of those professions making this list of "Sexiest Uniformed Heroes" but there are plenty of other uniformed professions that get peoples blood pumping.

<p> </p><p>From the bus driver who knows your stop by heart, and the postal worker braving rain or shine to deliver your mail, to those ever-vigilant security guards whose eyes sparkle more than their badges, our cities are teeming with other badge-bearing babes and jumpsuit journeymen, working their everyday magic on the smitten singles of the city.</p>


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DatingNews.com surveyed 3,000 single people to discover which uniformed professionals they find most attractive. In Indiana, Train Drivers take the number three spot. Often quiet, train drivers are responsible for the safety of hundreds of people each and every day.

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In the number two position on the list of "Sexiest Uniformed Heroes" we find postal workers. As the study points out, their reliability is an admirable and attractive quality. It also makes mention of their easily identifiable uniform that creates feelings of familiarity and comfort.

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Topping the list of "Sexiest Uniformed Heroes" are paramedics. Aside from their life-saving skills, paramedics are known for being cool, calm and compassionate when under pressure. Their bravery and empathy, along with their selfless willingness to serve places them at the top of the list.

[Source: DatingNews.com]

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