A man or woman in uniform can be a real turn-on for some people, and a recent survey has revealed which state police departments have the sexiest uniforms. Indiana makes the list!

There Are A Lot of Different Looks When It Comes to State Police Uniforms

In a recent survey, the folks over at Wealth of Geeks, asked 3,000 people which state police uniforms are the sexiest. Obviously, "sexy" is a subjective term, and there are a lot of different looks and styles when it comes to state police uniforms across the country.

The Number One Sexiest State Police Uniforms

The Lonestar State of Texas took the number one spot at the top of the list with their dark tan uniforms known as "Texas Tan." However, it may be their cowboy hats that truly set them apart and placed them at the top of the list.

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Numer Two and Three Sexiest State Police Uniforms

New Hampshire State Police take the number two spot on the list with their forest green uniforms and campaign hats. Missouri State Highway Patrol pulls into the number three position with their French blue shirts, navy trousers, and khaki campaign hats.

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Indiana State Police via YouTube; Canva

How About the Hoosier State

Rounding out the list in the number ten position is where we find the Indiana State Police. It's in the Hoosier State where troopers wear their navy blue uniforms as a "statement of style."

In authoritative navy, this uniform combines tradition with modernity, symbolizing Indiana's blend of heartland values and contemporary design. The ensemble, cinched with a belt that nods to the state's industrious spirit, is not just about law enforcement but is also a statement of style, embodying Indiana's commitment to excellence in service.

It Isn't the Suit That Makes the Man

Of course, as Michael Dinich from Wealth of Geeks points out, it isn't really about the uniforms. After all, it isn't the suit that makes the man.

“In the end, it's not just about the uniforms but the people who wear them with honor and style. As one survey respondent aptly put it, 'These uniforms are more than fabric and threads; they're the embodiment of the states they represent and the officers who wear them with pride.' With this lineup of state police uniforms, it's clear that America's law enforcement officers are winning in the style stakes too” says Michael Dinich from Wealth of Geeks.

What about you? Do you consider a person in uniform to be sexy? Take our poll below and let us know.

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