A recent insurgence of deadly force being used across Indiana has authorities questioning whether Hoosiers have an accurate understanding of the self-defense laws here in Indiana.

Did you know that citizens have the right to pursue deadly force in order to stop an attack from happening or prevent unwanted entry? And in Indiana, a person does not have a “duty to retreat” first and can kill anyone who is attempting to break into their residence or that is in their home and trying to harm them or a member of their family. However, if the attacker decides to flee, the laws get a little different, and the use of deadly force could result in criminal charges against the homeowner.

Indiana is a faithful Second Amendment state. Anyone that wants a carry permit can get one without issue. What’s more is business owners cannot keep their employees from keeping guns in their vehicles and governments cannot keep people from packing heat in parks.

However, some worry that it is too easy to obtain a carry permit in Indiana… and it may be. Here, gun permit applicants do not have to attend classes or even prove they know how to use a gun. They do not have to take any kind of test quizzing them on the state’s gun laws or even participate in safety training. Not to mention the state issues lifetime permits, which could mean that there are some seriously dangerous folks out their carrying pistols.

Therefore, in short, here in Indiana, you can use deadly force against an attacker in your home/trying to get into your home as long as they are not attempting to get away. In addition, anyone with a pulse and no existing felony criminal record can be approved for a carry permit.

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