Many of us are still digging and thawing our way out after last week's ice storm across the Tri-state. Most of us make it a habit of clearing sidewalks and porches. We clean off the windshields, windows, and mirrors of our vehicles.

So You Cleaned Ice from Your Windshield. What About the Rest of Your Car?

But what about the rest of your car? Well, you need to clear that off too. See, as it starts to warm back up outside before the ice melts all the way off of your car, it will thaw underneath that sheet of ice first, dislodging or releasing the ice from the surface of the car.

shattered windshield
Hannah Bryant

Driving with Ice on Your Car is Like Driving a Literal Projectile

Once the ice is no longer firmly attached to your car, you are now driving down the road with a literal projectile attached to your car. You are now putting other motorists at risk - and that is exactly what someone did recently to my friend and hairdresser, Hannah Bryant.

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Ice from Another Vehicle Shattered Her Windshield

Hannah was driving down the road, like any ordinary day when the ice on someone else's vehicle slid off and slammed into her windshield, shattering the glass and putting her in danger. She shared the details of her experience on Facebook and explained that had she not made a last-minute decision as she was leaving her house, she would have had one of her dogs in the passenger seat of her car with her.

A huge sheet of ice hit me and shattered my windshield. Besides being shook up, covered in glass and full of little tiny cuts , I’m fine.
Thankfully it’s an easy fix. I would’ve had my dog in the passenger seat but I changed my mind last minute and was just going to go back and get her later so I am so thankful for that I can’t imagine if she was in the passenger seat that would’ve been so traumatizing for her.
shattered windshield
Hannah Bryant

The Ice Crossed Six Lanes of Traffic

Now you may be assuming that she was too close to the car in front of her in order for this to happen but she went on to share that not only was she not in the same lane as the car with the ice, but she also wasn't even traveling in the same direction.
I was going westbound and the other vehicle was going eastbound they were literally six lanes away and it still hit me. It was a complete freak accident I’ve seen a lot of people say that this is why they stay away from vehicles or don’t ride close to them so I just wanted to say I couldn’t of been further away from them and it still happened clean your cars and stay safe.
shattered windshield
Hannah Bryant

Clear the Ice from Your Car Before You Get on the Road Again

Fortunately, Hannah wasn't injured and luckily, the incident didn't cause a more severe accident. Before you head out onto the road again, make sure that you have taken the time to clear the ice all the way off your vehicle. It could save someone else from having a really bad day - or it could just save someone's life. Keep scrolling and make sure you don't have any of these items in your car while it is freezing outside.

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