One of the things that my family and I have found a love for recently is camping! There's nothing better than letting the kids loose to run and enjoy nature. I love cooking over the fire and sitting outside just relaxing.

But I've also learned that camping is a LOT. OF. FREAKING. WORK. And, guess who's the one making lists, and planning meals, and making lists, and packing food, and making lists, and packing crap, and making lists for days, weeks, and months ahead of time. That's right, ME. My husband packs the bikes and the jump box and hops in the truck! I mean, he has to pull the beast around which is stressful, sure, but he's never planned out three meals and snacks for 7-10 people for four days at a time. It's a lot, okay?

So, imagine the fury that rages through me when I've planned out 12 meals, drinks, and snacks, and I go to load it up and then discover that my family has raided the camping groceries. What the actual crap? You had to eat the individual Teddy Graham snack bags instead of finishing off the box we had in the pantry?

Well, one Indiana mom has had enough and threatened her family with the ultimate punishment if they so much as sniffed the snacks.

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Jenn Vanderver from Batesville, IN, posted her sign in the Indiana Camping Group. She told me that she posted the note because her kids eat the smores and chocolate before they even leave and then complain they don't have any for the campground.

Okay, so I'm rolling.


She's serious. Well, kinda. When I asked Jenn if it was an idle threat she said that she wouldn't be keeping the family home over smores.

Totally empty threat. Mom and Dad like camping too much LOL but I totally would ground them to their chair for a little bit when we got there!

And as if this photo couldn't get any better, the comments did NOT disappoint.

Mary Bevins-Nichols

Never mind the snacks, it’s the beer we have trouble with

Brittany Couch

My parents did this to us when we were younger. One of my siblings got in to the case of water and up till the day we left, our parents told us that we weren’t going.
Nichole Briscoe

Yes!! All the camping snacks and drinks "magically" disappear. Who knew we all had little gremlins living in our campers

Just like my house!  I have to put everything in my closet!
Carrie Long Hartman

Sigh, my husband and I have already eaten our m&ms and fruit dip that was for camping meanwhile my teen still has her stash of goodies

Mrsgee Cheez

Have to do this with my HUSBAND!!!

Cody Wagaman
Now I know y’all aren’t gonna stay home  miss those days

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