Indiana residents may want think twice about taking a dip in any of the area lakes, as a recent autopsy indicates that a parasite commonly referred to as the “brain eating amoeba” has claimed the life of an Indiana man.

The autopsy that was released earlier last week attributes a rare infection called primary amebic meningoencephalitis as the cause of death for 30-year-old Waylon Abel. However, state and federal officials are reportedly still dragging their feet on confirming that the brain-sucking parasite was in fact the official kill switch.

Abel passed away last month, nearly three weeks after taking his family on a beach outing at West Boggs Lake, which is just 60 miles northeast of Evansville. As of Friday of last week, that beach has been ordered shut down.

So far, three cases of the deadly parasite in Minnesota, Oklahoma and South Carolina have been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who says it anticipates it will receive samples from the Indiana case to submit to their labs sometime this week.

A CDC spokesperson says that these devilish, killer amoebas thrive in warm water.


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