One Indiana lawmaker says that while does not support legalizing marijuana, he believes the state should get ready because it is going to happen.

During a recent interview with The Elkhart Truth, Indiana state Senator Carlin Yoder revealed that despite the controversy surrounding marijuana legalization, he thinks it is bound to happen in Indiana in the near future. "I think it probably is inevitable, but that doesn't mean I'm going to step aside and let it happen," he said.

However, Carlin says he hopes proposed legislation to allow recreational marijuana in the Hoosier state is driven by common sense, not greed. "Drugs are not healthy for families and society and it's a mistake to go down the path to legalize it as a product. It's not all about revenue," he said. "We make enough money from gambling and other sin taxes and I'm very skeptical we need to look for new ways to gain revenue by legalizing drugs."

Indiana Senator Karen Tallian has been fighting to loosen the marijuana laws across the state by introducing decriminalization bills, none of which have come close to being approved. She says Colorado has shown Indiana how to operate a taxed and regulated marijuana trade, so she will likely introduce another piece of legislation next year.

"Maybe I'll try medical marijuana, maybe that will get them," she said. "Or maybe I just try the whole legalization program, I'm not sure what I'll do, but it's time for Indiana to do something."

Bill Levin, cannabis lobbyist for Re-Legalize Indiana, says Tallian is on the right track because anti-marijuana politicians are close to washed up in Indiana. “I believe in the next three years of elections, we will vote out of office anyone whom disagrees with us,” he said. “Karen is a powerful leader with keen insight to our states deepest desires.”

What do you think: Would you vote to legalize recreational marijuana in Indiana?

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