Well, here's a fun fact about Indiana - did you know that the Hoosier state is home to the largest gourmet popcorn store in the world? I have lived in Indiana my whole life and you would think I would have heard about that at some point in the last four decades. Nope, this is brand new information to me (to be fair, the business has been around for less than a decade).


Way up north in Gary, Indiana, the folks at POPCORN WORLD are busy every day, working hard to prepare over 250 flavors. You'll find a wide variety of caramel, kettle, butter, cheese, candied, and gourmet choices. A few that stand out to me include cra legs, steak, and hot wings with blue cheese.

From Simple Beginnings to Taking Over the World

The popcorn shop began back in 2008 by a couple of guys from Northern Indiana and was originally known as Popcorn Haven. A few years later, LeBarron Burton joined the team and convinced the owners to change the name to Popcorn World. Fast forward a few more years, to 2019, and LeBarron and his wife Nina have taken over ownership and opened their flagship location in Gary, IN. Thanks to some positive reviews from popular social media influencers, Popcorn World went viral and blew up almost overnight. Popcorn World went on to sell over 95,000 bags of popcorn in its first year of business.

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These days, LeBarron, Nina, and their entire family are kept busy keeping up with the demand, while also continuing to come up with new flavors. It really is a great American (and Hoosier) story.

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