Conservation officers with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are asking for your help as they investigate the discovery of a body at the Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Area in western Warrick County.

Body Discovered at Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Area Saturday Morning

According to a press release from the Indiana DNR, conservation officers, along with representatives with the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office, Warrick County Prosecutor’s Office, Indiana State Police, Warrick County EMS, and Chandler Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene after a visitor to the area discovered the body around 7:30 AM Saturday morning and called 911. The body was turned over to the Warrick County Coroner's Office which will perform an autopsy at some point in the near future. Any information regarding the condition of the body, or whether it was male or female was not released by the DNR. Officials are also withholding the individual's identity until after their family has been notified.

Google Maps
Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Area in Warrick County. (Google Maps)

Conservation Officers Asking the Public for Any Information

With the investigation in the very early stages, conservation officers with the DNR are asking the public for any information that will help in the investigation. If you or someone you know were in the area Friday night or during the early hours of Saturday morning and saw or heard anything you think may be useful to investigators, contact the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Central Dispatch at 812-837-9536 or Warrick County Dispatch at 812-897-1200.

[Source: Indiana Department of Natural Resources]

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