Going out to eat, especially Hibachi always seems like a celebration. It's a truly fun dining experience. Going to eat Hibachi is like going to a dinner theater. The chef puts on an amazing show that you can't get anywhere else and the food is incredible.

I remember the first time I ever at a Hibachi restaurant was on a blind date. Luckily, I could keep my eye on the chef because my date was not my type at all. He was even a little rude. I think the chef could tell I was uncomfortable, so he gave my date a hard time and made me laugh. I've loved Hibachi ever since. I should have gone out with the Hibachi chef, instead.

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Now, my husband and my entire family will choose to go to a Hibachi restaurant over any other kind of restaurant. We love it. My bonus daughter is addicted to it I think. In fact, we are planning to take her there when her partner comes into town to meet the family. But, I don't think we will be going to a restaurant. I think we will just have Hibachi in our backyard.

Yes, I said, our backyard. While scrolling through my Facebook groups, a suggestion came up to follow a restaurant food group in Indianapolis. The post that was suggested for me was a post made by Victor Chan. Victor is a Hibachi chef and owns his own business, Kurama Private Hibachi ChefWhat Victor does is bring a private Hibachi dinner experience to your house. He brings everything you would find and enjoy at a hibachi restaurant, only for your own private party.

I think this is an amazing idea! So, I connected with him and asked him if I could share this unique and amazing experience with you. Take a look.

Indiana Man Brings Private Hibachi Experience To Your House

Private Hibachi party in your backyard, garage, or home.

Here he is in action! 

This looks like so much fun and delicious. If you want to get more info and book him for a Hibachi dinner experience at your house, message Victor, HERE.

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