Have you ever been walking through the woods and found something completely unexpected like an abandoned house, cabin, or building? To me, that would be the ultimate reward during a walk through woods that you aren't familiar with. My imagination starts running wild with curiosity.

Abandoned Fascination

My mom had a love for the abandoned which she passed along to my sister and me. Before the West Baden Hotel was renovated, my mom and sister, and I found an opening over a boarded-up doorway and we went inside to explore. Yes, It's amazing now, but in an abandoned state, it was chillingly breathtaking. I could almost feel the ghosts of the hotel looking down from the balcony at us and hear their whispers.

If Wall Could Talk

I'm always curious about the history of places that are left abandoned. If only the walls could talk, they could tell us the secrets of the haunting things that happened inside and outside. The mysteries they sometimes hold are things legends are made of.
I recently came across a very unique abandoned house on Facebook. It's a house deep in the woods that, according to legend, was the home of three witches. It's called the Witches Castle.
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Witches Castle

Witches Castle is located in the very small town of Utica, Indiana. You will find Utica just across the Ohio River, a little northwest of Louisville, KY. The locals know where it is and others will make the climb to try and find it.
Paranormal Research and Resource Society.org


The Witches of Utica

Legend has it that the three witches that lived in the small castle were the founders of Utica, Indiana. It is said that the townspeople feared them, so they killed the witches. Although there is no actual proof this ever happened, city records show that two murders and a suicide took place at the castle.
Paranormal Research and Resource Society.org
Paranormal Research and Resource Society.org

Ghosts and an Evil Force

The Paranormal Research and Resource Society investigated the property. During their investigation, they believe they made contact with several spirits that communicated to them that they were being held there by an evil force. Listen to one of their recordings.

Ghosts Seen and Heard

The PRRS investigation team believes that, based on evidence collected from four ghost box sessions to collect any possible audio, and the appearance of a ghostly apparition during their investigative sessions at the Witches Castle, that the small, abandoned house in the woods of Utica, IN is definitely haunted.

Paranormal Research and Resource Society.org

Do Not Enter

If you are thinking about trying to find Witches Castle, be warned. There are No Trespassing signs posted and police watch the area closely. WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.
Paranormal Research and Resource Society.org

[Paranormal Research and Resouce Society]


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