Get ready for another night of laughs, because Ralph, Dave, & Etc. are back!

Get ready for another night laughs as Ralph, Dave & Etc. take the stage again. This time? Their back on their home turf, the Evansville Civic Theatre on Fulton Ave.

This night is going to be packed full of improv. Short form. Long form. ALL THE FORMS.

And if you don't know what short and long form improv is think of Whose Line Is It Anyway? All of the games they do on that show are short form improv. They are quick, funny, and to the point.

Long form improv is basically story telling without a script.

So come see Scared Scriptless, Artificial Logic, and Ralph, Dave & Etc. perform all the things that will make you laugh.

PLUS, Ralph, Dave, & Etc are going to try to perform "THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS IMPROV."

I have no idea what this means. But I am intrigued.

So come on out to the Evansville Civic Theatre at 717 N. Fulton Ave., on Wednesday, May 16th for a night of comedy, laughs, gaffs, and smiles.

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