Do you have any kind of super power? If so, it could score you a quarter of a million dollars!

With the popularity of Marvel and DC movies on the rise, everyone and their mother knows about superheroes. The majority of these superheroes have some sort of super power. Whether it's having a "spider sense", being able to move things with your mind, or the ability to travel in a "flash", there's a ton of super powers out there in the superhero universe.

There was a trilogy of movies (Unbreakable, Split, and Glass) from M. Night Shyamalan where where the idea of super powers in the "real world" becomes discussed. If you have seen those movies, then you know what I am talking about. However, now in the real world, the idea that people could have super powers is actually being discussed. In fact, The Center for Inquiry Los Angeles has been running a contest for a few years called the Paranormal Challenge.

The idea behind this is pretty simple. If you can prove that you have super powers of any kind, you will win $250,000. Now, they say they've had tons of people from all over the world apply saying they have an ability that can't be explained by science, however none of them have actually been able to prove their super power ability.

So far no one has been able to win the cash, but that doesn't mean that super powers don't actually exist, right?

The Center for Inquiry Los Angeles is looking to find people who, under scientific testing conditions, can prove significant evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power.  There's a running list online of the people who've attempted the challenge, and some of these are rather interesting.

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If you think your super power ability has what it takes to pass the CFIIG Challenge, they’ll pay you $250,000, as previously mentioned. However, if you do when, you might want to tell them that Travis Sams referred you because they will pay $5,000 to the person who refers a claimant who wins the Challenge. I might not have any super powers, but I got bills to pay!

You can find out more about this CFIIG Challenge and how to apply by clicking here.

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