Like anyone with a caring heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, Jill Kincaid saw a need and decided to fill it.

The story of local nonprofit, Chemo Buddies, began in 2011 when Jill's sister, Karen, was receiving chemotherapy treatments to battle Triple Negative Breast Cancer. According to Jill, Karen didn't like to talk about the disease or her prognosis, however she did allow her to sit with her on one of her trips to therapy. It was there Jill noticed several patients in the room, IVs hooked to their arms pumping medication into their bodies in an attempt to kill the cancer cells, sitting alone. No one there to talk to. No one by their side to comfort them as they fight for their life.

At Karen's request, Jill began to chat with the other the patients. She listened to their stories, gave them a blanket if they were chilly, something to drink if they were thirsty, anything that provided a moment of comfort or relief in what was no doubt the toughest time of their life.

Unfortunately, Karen lost her battle on July 25th, 2011. Nearly one month to the day later, on August 22nd, Chemo Buddies was officially born after Jill finalized the paperwork with the state of Indiana to continue the mission she and Karen began on that day. Fast-forward to today and Chemo Buddies volunteers now sit with 253 patients every day, providing the same relief, the same comfort, and the same compassion Jill provided to her sister and others so many others years ago.

In order to keep that mission going, and expand its reach to more and more patients, Chemo Buddies needs donations from you and I. Fortunately, it's not only easy to make a contribution, but it's easy on your bank account too by joining the 5 Buck a Month Club.

Join the Club through the Chemo Buddies website, or through the Donate button on their Facebook page. Your monthly contribution will help Chemo Buddies continue providing care packages for patients that include small, homemade port pillows, snacks, blankets, crossword puzzle books, and other activities patients can use to help them take their mind off their treatment.

Visit the Chemo Buddies website for more information on their mission, as well as volunteer opportunities.

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