For many cancer patients, losing their hair is a common side effect of the chemotherapy treatments they receive to remove whatever form of cancer is attacking their body. That loss can be traumatizing for those patients whose bodies and minds are already stressed beyond belief from dealing with their cancer diagnosis. With hair often being a focal point of our appearance and identity, losing it may feel like losing a bit of ourselves. While some may see the loss as a part of the healing process, others may not be comfortable with the idea. For those that fall into the second camp, Chemo Buddies is offering a solution.

The Evansville non-profit that specializes in providing support and companionship for those undergoing chemotherapy treatments and their families announced Wednesday the opening of Karen's Wig Shop inside their offices at 3700 Bellemeade Avenue, Suite 120 (in the building across the street from the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center).

The shop, named after the sister of Chemo Buddies founder, Jill Kincaid, who passed away on July 25, 2011, from Triple Negative Breast Cancer, will offer a variety of wigs and other beauty services at absolutely no charge to the patients.

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According to a quote from Jill on the organization's Facebook page announcing the opening, the inspiration behind the shop (outside of her sister, of course), were the stories they heard from the patients they work with about how difficult it was to find a decent wig, and once they did, how expensive they are (really good ones can be thousands of dollars, according to Jill).

Access to the shop is through appointment only. This not only allows patients the opportunity to find a wig they like at no cost to them, but it also allows them the ability to do it privately where they'll receive one-on-one assistance from a Chemo Buddies representative.

If you or someone you know is currently undergoing chemo treatments and would like to know more about Karen's Wig Shop, or would like to set up an appointment, call Chemo Buddies at 812-598-7910.

Learn more about the mission of Chemo Buddies and the volunteer opportunities they provide at

[Source: Chemo Buddies on Facebook]

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