I recently found out that I word things to sound like I'm healthy, when in fact I am not...

Fun Fact! You don't have to change your diet to make people think your healthy! Just change the way you say things! I recently found out that I do this. A lot.

What I Say: I start my day by doing 5 to 10 sit-ups first thing in the morning.

What I Mean: I'm too lazy to flip my mattress, so I sleep facing the other way on my bed. Which puts my feet by my alarm clock. So when my alarm goes off every morning I literally have to sit up to hit the snooze button.


What I Say: I ate a balanced meal for dinner.

What I Mean: I ate pizza. But if you break it down it's just Bread, Tomatoes, Cheese (milk), and Meat. Which is basically hitting almost all the corners of the food pyramid. So I think I'm good.


What I Say: I'm really starting to watch what I eat.

What I Mean: I overslept this morning and didn't have time to eat breakfast before I got to work.


What I Say: I think I'm going to get the healthier option on the menu.

What I Mean: So that I can eat more of it and not feel guilty and also ALL THE BREAD the waiter is about to give us...


What I Say: I did some cardio last night.

What I Mean: I ran from my mailbox to my front door last night because it was dark and I was scared.


What I Say: I went to bed early last night.

What I Mean: I was IN BED before midnight. I never said anything about actually sleeping...


What I Say: I did 10 squats during lunch.

What I Mean: I had to keep going to check the printer to see if my thing printed, so I had to get up from my desk multiple times to check it.


You just gotta know how to add a little healthy flair to your words. It's not lying...It's just...embellishing the truth.

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