Dating in the 21st century has taken a turn for the disposable. However, there are certain things that you just don't do. This is one of them...

Bad Date
Scott Griessel

As a woman, I get it. You're lonely. You're looking to score. Maybe it's been a while or maybe it hasn't. One thing is for sure though, there is a certain level of tact that one should use when trying to pick up a woman. You've both swiped right but don't you dare open with this:

If for one second, you just thought to yourself "What's wrong with that?" do me a favor and go drink some toilet water. Once you've rehydrated come on back and let me explain. Yes, apps like Tinder are frequently for hooking up. Yes. It's possible the woman you are messaging is, in fact interested in hooking up. However, you don't lead with that! For the love of gawd!!! Try something a with a little more couth.

And ladies! If a guy messages you something like this and you don't immediately shut him down like our friend Sally, you are part of the problem. Even if all you are looking for is a hookup, at least make him work for it a little bit!


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