I've noticed some people having difficulties with this...

Recently I've seen a lot of people running red lights. And at first, I thought "Okay...a**hole..." But then I realized that I was consistently seeing people running the same red lights. Specifically any of the stoplights near the Fulton/2nd/Ohio St. crossing, or by the John St. exit.

Sometimes I just legit see people flying through the John St./Fulton Ave red light like it isn't even there. And to those people I say...well...STOP. I've seen many a wreck happen at that intersection because someone wasn't paying attention to the light.

Other times, I realize that people are just overestimating the amount of time they have when the light is yellow. You think you have enough time to coast through the yellow light, and then it turns red, and you panic, because you're going too fast to stop in time, so you just floor it through the light.

So here's a helpful tip I remembered from Drivers Ed. to determine how long a yellow light is before it turns red.

Speed Limit = 50?
5 second yellow light.

Speed Limit = 40?
4 second yellow light.

Speed Limit = 30?
3 second yellow light.

You see where I'm going with this?

Just cut off the 0 (or divide by 10) and that's how many seconds you have to either stop or gun it and run it. I'd prefer if you stopped though. The 'gun it and run it' strategy is what's actually causing a lot of these problems...

I don't know what it is about the Fulton/John St/2nd St./Ohio St. area that makes you want to speed through there, but the speed limit is 30MPH. Which means you only have a 3 second yellow light.

So slow it down out there. I know you want to get to where your going fast. But a wreck is going to significantly slow down your arrival time. Just saying.

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