This week, during Be MY Guest, Liberty and I spoke with Nathan Jochum, the Marketing, Communications & Special Events Coordinator for Aurora. In case you don't already know, Aurora is "a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless and near homeless in the Greater Evansville, IN area. Each year, we serve over 500 individuals: men, women, children, those with disabilities, and the re-entry population." Of all the things that Aurora is to the homeless, the one they are NOT is a shelter, although they do work closely for the various shelters in Evansville.

During our conversation with Nathan, he told us more about the things Aurora does to re-integrate the homeless back into society. Nathan was also very excited (let's call it cautiously optimistic) about the schedule of events they have planned for 2021, including Trivia Tonight, Artistry Unhoused: Enlightenment from the Streets, a charity golf scramble, and the Homeless Experience Project: 48 Hours in the Life.

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When you listen to our interview, you quickly hear the passion that Nathan has for serving others. It's clear that he is in right place, and that Aurora is lucky to have him.

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