It's one of the best time's of year in the Tri-State the time of year Holiday World opens! 

Holiday World
Ryan O'Bryan/TSM

Holiday World's opening weekend is next weekend May 4th-5th!  Who is ready for some Thunderbird action?!  I know I am!!

You will have to wait a week to enjoy Splashin' Safari though, as that doesn't open until May 11th.  But I don't think you'll mind too much as you're taking on The Thunderbird, or going classic with coasters like The Raven, The Legend, or The Voyage!

Although it isn't officially Summertime yet, this is a sign that Summer is right around the corner!

I had the honor of checking out The Thunderbird the day it opened, and holy moly! Check out this POV ride I took on it!

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