Leave it to the Russians to try and take it up a notch when it comes to the game of hockey.

At the KHL All-Star Game, former Edmonton Oiler Linus Omark attempted to score a goal with a flaming stick (the KHL is the Russian equivalent to the NHL). The stick was wrapped in burlap and set on fire before he took to the ice to attempt the goal.

Hockey pucks are frozen before games to keep them from bouncing too much during a game, so it's not clear if fire helps. However, it is probably distracting to a goalie who has never seen fire before.

Some people might remember FoxTrax although they probably refer to it as the "glowing puck". In the mid-90s, the Fox Network decided to use special chip-embedded pucks. The cameras would read the chip and put a "glow" around the puck for the at-home audience. It only lasted a year or two before it was discontinued. No doubt, due to the $400 per puck cost (you can buy a FoxTrax puck on eBay for the low-low price of $1000).

If glowing pucks or flaming sticks aren't your thing, be sure to check out this video from GoPro which is now a partner with the NHL.

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