Is it just me, or is your mouth already watering just thinking about a Warheads-inspired drink? I can't stop - the more I think about it, and with every word I write, the more saliva my body is producing. Weird.

Whether or not you're a fan - whether you've tried them or not - you know, just by hearing the name, what Warheads are all about. The extremely sour candy brand was first introduced to American mouths back in 1993. Since then it has become the gold standard for sour snacks. Everyone that enjoyed Warheads as a kid now has a chance to enjoy them, in a totally different way, as an adult.

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Warheads parent company, Impact Confections, has teamed with a brewery (Artisanal Brew Works) to come up with five different spiked seltzer flavors. Those Warheads flavors are lemon, green apple, black cherry, green apple, and watermelon - and yes, they are sour. And these drinks are NOT to be shared with your kids, they are alcoholic after all - they are 5% alcohol and gluten free.

Maybe you want to try some of that soury sweetness but you're not a fan of seltzers, no worries, there is a beer option available too. The brewery has released a Warheads Sour Ale in the same five flavors. Those ales were originally meant to be temporary but were so popular, they were added to the brewery's permanent lineup.

So, that's all good news, right? Now for a little bit of bad news. The Warhead Hard Seltzers are only available, for the time being, in a handful of cities - California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Who knows, if you are determined enough, I reckon it's not impossible to find a way to get some product sent to you, right?


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