The east coast was largely unprepared for yesterday's 5.9 magnitude tremor. So it should come as no surprise that when the ground started shaking, it was time to GTFO (if you don't know internet lingo, google that one).

Baltimore Ravens player Torrey Smith was not ready for the quake either. Smith was filming a video for his alma mater when the ground started shaking.

The video is pretty short. He expresses Maryland pride, then quickly cuts. Sort of my reaction too. I'm all for being a Hoosier till this place starts shaking.

Experts say that Smith was in the safest place of all during an Earthquake, an open field. However that didn't stop the football player from starting his run to the hills.

As for me, I pretty much napped through the whole day. I had some vacation days, don't question my napping schedule. How about you? Did you feel the earthquake yesterday? Tell us here.