This is a fun free event you won't want to miss! 


Willard Library is truly a gem in the Tri-State! The history alone behind the library is just fascinating, and not to mention our residential Gray Lady who haunts the historic library! Heritage Days is a way to celebrate Willard Library, there will be everything from food trucks, to yard games, and even a play based on the life of the founder of Willard Library!

The play is titled A Public Hearing On the Very Soul and Nature of the Eccentric Willard Carpenter (with mud pit and other side shows)! And YES there will be a mud pit too!

Here's a brief explanation of the event from the Heritage Days website:

Founded in 1876, Willard Library is a beautiful icon of the Victorian Era that is a fixture of Evansville’s landscape. The Library is a unique repository of Evansville’s history and culture that instills a sense of wonder for learning in young and old.

Who was Willard Carpenter? What compelled him to open his library to all regardless of race or creed? What treasures and mysteries may be discovered in this regal testament to his legacy? Who is the elusive ghost gliding among the shelves?

All of these fun events are happening on the lawn at Willard library from 11-6 on Saturday June 22nd, with Friday hosting the world premier of the play at 6:30!

click here to see the entire event schedule, and learn more about Heritage Days at Willard!

We hope to see you there!!

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