In the evening hours on Wednesday, June 9th several vehicles were captured by security footage at the Henderson Kentucky Fairgrounds. While it is not unusual to have vehicles there, as the parks department keeps one of the gates unlocked to allow people to use the grounds to walk the trails or play with their children in the park (before dark), these vehicles are suspected of being up to something more nefarious.

Between 7 pm and Midnight, between 6 and 10 vehicles were on the grounds and according to the Henderson County Parks and Programs Facebook page, the vehicles did donuts, causing damage in the grassy area where the Farmer's Market is held. The property closes to the public at dark.

According to the Parks Department, they leave gate 2 open...

so that children can enjoy Freedom park and for anyone wanting to walk the walking trail after business hours. However, if we continue having individuals coming in and vandalizing the grounds we will be forced to close the gates at 3:15 each day and closed on weekends. That is NOT something that we want to do!!

Henderson County Parks and Programs shared photos of some of the vehicles suspected to have been involved and are asking for the help of the public to identify the people who own them. One of the vehicles in the photos appears to be a black Ford pickup with a silver stripe down the right side of the tailgate. The other looks to be a late-90s or early-2000s Ford Excursion and appears to be silver, beige, or champagne in color. It also has roof-rack rails on top.

There were additional vehicles captured on camera as well, which you can see below. If you have any information about these vehicles, please contact Theresa at the Henderson Parks & Programs Facebook page by calling 270-844-4725

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