For rock and metal fans, each December is met with a general feeling of disgust, at least when it comes to the music that populates the airwaves, playlists, shopping malls... just about everywhere. But even the most cold-hearted headbanger can get in the spirit with these 25 Heavy Holiday Songs for Christmas, Hanukkah + Wintertime.

We get it — you're not entirely opposed to holiday tradition, even if tradition now entails having to explain yourself out of your Dying Fetus ugly Christmas sweater to family members completely ignorant to the existence of brutal death metal — you just need some holiday music that matches your everyday interests.

You can regale your family members by telling them (for likely the 10th time) that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was started by some metal dudes or even engage them with the stirring "Jingle Hell" by late actor Christopher Lee, whom your family should recognize as the first-ever on-screen Dracula or as the old wizard, Saruman, from The Lord of the Rings film series.

If you're celebrating Hanukkah, look no further than Gods of Fire with their original dreidel-themed track, "Spin for the Blood of Our Elders."

Whatever style you need, we've got you covered. Hell, even AC/DC once got in on the game with the dastardly, "Mistress for Christmas."

View the 25 Heavy Holiday Songs for Christmas, Hanukkah + Wintertime below and follow the corresponding Spotify playlist here.

25 Heavy Holiday Songs for Christmas, Hanukkah + Wintertime

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