So this may be my second post in a week about a certain food item at a fast food restaurant. But when you're counting calories, fast food is all you can think about. And when it comes to this time of year, gluttony is nigh!

Now you might be thinking I'm talking about the plethora of 'eating' holidays that we have this time of year, but I'm talking about something else that happens once a year. The McRib is back at McDonalds.

Aside from being a third of your suggested calorie intake in a single day, and coming in at a whopping 26 grams of fat, the boneless barbecue pork sandwich is a big seller for the restaurant chain. Can we also point out the irony of calling something boneless, a McRib (where's that in your song Alanis)?

The artery clogging sandwich, which has inspired Facebook groups and a locator service, was only available at sporadic locations at different times. However the company said the McRib will be available at all locations in the US until November 14th.

The McRib can also bring you a little bit of luck, since last year's Million Dollar winner of McDonalds Monopoly was eating a McRib when he won.

If you do head out to get one of these tasty sandwiches, just be sure to notify your next of kin. And lets all hope McDonald's doesn't bring back pizza any time soon.