One thing I love about the holidays is how clever people are! There's been a trend in recent years where people have set their holiday lights to music. We typically see this with Christmas lights, but in recent years we've seen Halloween lights start to get some music love as well.  A house recently was posted into a Facebook group called Metallica For All, because it's lights are set to Metallica's 1991 hit 'Enter Sandman.'

The video shows a house covered with lights. Everything from spot lights, to grave stones, to spiders, and even a James Hetfield singing jack o' lantern! It's very well done, and makes me want to up my outdoor Halloween décor game something fierce.  The video has gotten fairly popular too with almost 1,000 comments. I was able to find the video on YouTube, where it currently sits at over 455K views!  The video credits Tom BetGeorge of Magical Light Shows with the programming of this particular light show.  There's zero doubt in my mind that this house isn't the talk of their neighborhood!

Check out the video below, and please join me in wishing the creator of this house a big "thank you"  for making the rest of us look bad.

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